Course Overview

The Ultimate Guide to Junior Spoken English Courses at English Plus Academy

Are you unsure of what next step to take to help achieve the best future for your child? Register with the English Plus Academy for face-to-face or online Spoken English classes! We have helped thousands of children to unlock confidence and develop life creativity. As we know, learning English is one of the important steps to a bright future. Our course is unique with many useful tips and techniques to boost the children’s speaking and listening skills, help them improve their vocabulary, grammar and other aspects of the English language. English is often considered as the most useful language to learn and being able to speak English very fluently is a life skill for a better future because English is the official language of 53 countries, and a widely spoken language across the world. It increases opportunities in the field of education and hence English Plus the Academy's Spoken English classes for children lay emphasis on all of the four aspects of the language, which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

What will you learn here?

• Listening and understanding through discussion
• Listening and responding through role-plays
• Ability to organize and build up thoughts and strategies
• Coherence and Cohesion in speech and new ideas
• Better understanding on perfect pronunciation
• Grammar and vocabulary
• Speaking English with confidence
• Getting better at comprehension skill
• Effective communication for better career orientation
• Confidence for authentic conversation
• Perfect sentence structure
How would your child learn?

• Discussion: To improve your listening skills needed for conversations and discussions

• Speaking activity: Debates, role-plays, presentations, and conversations activities to develop speaking skills

• Error correction: questions and answers checking, discussion and instantaneous feedback, which will be personalized for each student

• Input session: our advanced techniques and strategies improve their vocabulary, grammar and other parts of the English language

• Follow-up: individual tutors for every child will also help them improve their language skills

What is Junior Spoken English and why should you consider learning it?

Junior Spoken English courses are designed specifically for young learners to develop their speaking skills in English language. These courses cater to children between the age group of 6 to 12, providing them with a solid foundation in spoken English. Learning English at a young age has become increasingly important in today's globalized world, where English is widely used as a means of communication. By enrolling your child in a Junior Spoken English course, you can equip them with the necessary skills to excel in their academic and personal lives. English plus academy offers the best junior spoken English classes in Kerala.

Why English Plus Academy is the best place to learn Junior Spoken English

When it comes to choosing the right institute for your child's Spoken English course, English Plus Academy stands out as the premier option. With its extensive experience and expertise in language education, English Plus Academy has earned a reputation for providing high-quality instruction tailored to the needs of young learners. The academy employs highly qualified teachers who are skilled in engaging children and creating a positive learning environment. Moreover, English Plus Academy offers online courses, allowing children from all over the world to access unparallel language learning experience.

What are the benefits of learning Junior Spoken English?

Learning Junior Spoken English offers numerous benefits for children. First and foremost, it helps them build confidence in their speaking skills. By engaging in interactive activities and conversations, children develop the ability to express themselves fluently and effectively. This newfound confidence not only aids their language development but also contributes to their overall personal development. Additionally, Junior Spoken English courses provide children with a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. These fundamental language elements enhance their ability to comprehend and communicate in English, setting them up for success in their academic pursuits. Moreover, learning English at a young age fosters cognitive development, improving children's problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also encourages them for cultural interaction with diverse communities. Many activities provide them with communicating with their classmates. Group discussion increases their comprehension skills. The interaction among students will enhances their social skills. Providing the knowledge of English grammar, punctuation marks, and vocabulary improve the students’ communication and help them interact appropriately to everyone in English. Understanding the sentence structures, and expanding their vocabulary store are essentially part of the training. They are directed to learn English to nurture imagination, creativity, and promote critical thinking and social skills. Improving the students’ mental ability through multi-sensory activities like crafts, rhymes, conversation and games in English is part of the learning process. Getting access to more social contact with people and cultural activities improves the young ones’ cultural awareness. And along with these, students get more self confidence and self-esteem as they grow their language by using it. Through our expert teaching classes, children overcome their fear of speaking, reading, writing and communicating with people while they gain improved memory, greater creative vision, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

4 Key strategies to master Junior Spoken English at home or online

Attending a Junior Spoken English course at English Plus Academy provides an excellent learning experience for the pupils and there are strategies parents can implement at home to reinforce their children’s language development. Here are four key strategies

• Create an English-speaking environment: Surround your child with English language materials such as books, videos, and games. Encourage them to communicate in English during designated times at home, such as family conversations or arrange storytelling sessions at home

• Practice regularly: Consistency is key to mastering any language. Fix a specific time every day for English practice. Engage in conversations with your child, play language-based games, or encourage them to read English storybooks aloud.

• Utilize online resources: Take advantage of the plethora of online resources available for English language learning. English Plus Academy offers online materials and interactive exercises designed specifically for young learners. These resources can supplement your child's classroom learning and provide additional practice opportunities.

• Foster real-life interactions: Encourage your child to use English in real-life situations. This can be done by engaging them in activities such as ordering food at a restaurant, interacting with English-speaking friends or relatives, or participating in community events that promote English communication.

The different types of courses offered by English Plus Academy for Junior Spoken English

English Plus Academy offers a range of Junior Spoken English courses to cater to different learning needs. These courses include:

• Beginner's Course: Designed for children with little to no prior knowledge of English and this course focuses on building vocabulary, introducing basic grammar concepts, and developing essential speaking skills.

• Intermediate Course: For children with some foundational knowledge, the intermediate course builds upon their existing skills. It focuses on expanding vocabulary, improving sentence structure, and enhancing conversational abilities.

• Advanced Course: Aimed at children with a strong grasp of the English language, the Advanced course focuses on refining speaking skills, strengthening grammar and vocabulary, and developing critical thinking abilities.

• Exam Preparation Course: This course is designed for children preparing for English language proficiency exams. It familiarizes them with exam formats, enhances their speaking and writing skills, and equips them with test-taking strategies.

Why Junior Spoken English courses at English Plus Academy are essential for your child's language development

Enrolling your child on a Junior Spoken English course at English Plus Academy is a wise investment for their future. These courses not only improve their language skills but also foster confidence, critical thinking, and cognitive development. English Plus Academy's experienced teachers and interactive learning materials ensure a nurturing and effective learning environment. By embracing Junior Spoken English courses, you provide your child with a strong foundation in English, equipping them to communicate effectively in the globalized world we live in today. At a younger age, the children’s minds are better able to learn everything quickly. English education is a requirement for achieving Academic excellence as English is the language used by many countries for communication. Mastering English language, children will have an amazing chance to explore the world and it is possible to provide them with the resources they need for a successful future. If English is used in daily life, children can speak English more fluently and therefore they should be encouraged to incorporate it into our daily routines. It can resolve problems like reluctance to articulate or fear when speaking. Children pick up sentence structures and methods of communication and this keep their brain active. According to research, speaking to use a language helps children draw logical conclusions. And at a young age, children actively use their brains and boost to build and reinforce new vocabulary and grammar rules. Children are able to avoid making common pronunciation mistakes if they are exposed to the language and this will enable them to frame long sentences with complete fluency. The trainers at English Plus keep all the aforementioned elements in the background while teaching your children and the custom made syllabus bring about excellent result.

Why choose us?

• You will learn from the language experts who have so many years of experience in this field
• Spoken English facilities at English plus academy is topnotch.
• Tutors train with empathy to help learn and use the language efficiently.
• Our academy encourages and supports students to read, write, speak and listen in English.
• At English plus academy, you get ultimate flexibility
• Also provide global certification on clearing the course.
• Quality training classes is provided at an affordable fee.
• We help the students reach their fullest potential